Gian Luigi Braggio explores the boundary between consciousness and real life, he considers art as instrument of spiritual and human growth and civil engagement. Interested in Eastern philosophies and quantum physics, he have studied the spiritual aspect of art which becomes a language able to develop and enrich the person and express the original cosmic connection between nature and culture.

Through creative thinking, an individual becomes a person, it comes in harmony with the world and people overcoming the resistance derived from simplified models of relationship and thought. The artist suggests an alternative, ethical, nonviolent world view: ethical because inclusive, aimed at the person and relationship, nonviolent because not forced by ideological superstructures and power. The focus shifts from the object to the person, the aesthetic model gives way to discovery the beauty of the whole creation.

This energy turns in an emotional state orderly from the inner discipline and by language.

He is the author of drawings, sculptures, installations, videos, texts and performances. Through the years he has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions, festival, workshops. He has collaborated with cultural institute and teaches art in public school.