Cosimo’s Ladder

Courage, ingenuity, perseverance and disobedience as a moral discipline.

Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò is the protagonist of “Il Barone Rampante” by Italo Calvino. Since childhood, he decides to live the whole existence on the trees.
Despite appearances, he devotes much time to personal edification through study and reading, even managing to contribute in a surprisingly effective way to everyday events and social progress. Regardless of family and social expectations, Cosimo cultivates his true vocation with courage, ingenuity, perseverance and disobedience elevated to the rank of moral discipline.
This work was performed in 2016 during the residence at Chanorth (Chashama Resideny), Pine Plains (New York)
At first I realized seven rainbow stripes by fingher knitting, which after I worn becoming instrument of revealing, discovery and redefinition of identity. Then from my body the focus has shifts to outside of me, towards nature, relationship. Using those seven stripes, I dressed a tree on which I actually climbed by a rope ladder.

Materials: Rope, wool, photographs, video shoots – (2016)