Exhibitions, news and pictures

Ex Accademia Artiglieria, Torino - dal 30 ottobre al 03 novembre 2019

Palazzo La Loggia, Via IV Novembre - Motta di Livenza (TV)
Evento realizzato dall'Associazione Culturale Atelier dell'Artista in collaborazione con Promoservice e Jampaa Srl
a cura di Ivan Toninato, Mirella Buosi
inaugurazione: sabato 5 ottobre ore 18

Circolo degli Artisti, Mostra dei Soci di Primavera, 30X30
Giardiniera reale, c.so San Maurizio 6 - TORINO
da lunedì al sabato ore 15,30 - 19,30
inaugurazione giovedì 9 maggio ore 18,30

MOA Museum Of Operation Avalanche, Via Sant'Antonio 5 - EBOLI (SA)
18 - 31 Maggio

157 Mostra Sociale del Circolo degli Artisti
Palazzo Birago di Borgaro, Turin, January, 11-24

Palazzo Birago di Borgaro photo by Silvia Lanzoni

Galleria Spazio40, Roma

313 Wilson Ave Brooklyn, New York 11237

Paratissima 2018 (Feeling Different)
Caserma La Marmora, October 30-November 4

Paratissima 2018 Amida continues the video series entitled "Memories of Fire". In the Japanese tradition Amida is a compassionate Buddha, bearer of light and happiness, who leads us beyond the ocean of sorrows, pains of life and attachment to it. Inspired by the drama of migrants, a ship approaches a boat,  almost stops and then continues the sea lane. Our gaze constantly tries to focus on the scene, and bring it to the level of consciousness. At regular intervals a bell recalls the present moment. A light flame is the background of the whole frame. At the end of the scene the image is set on fire, consumes this fragment of reality full of dreams, suffering and humanity. There is no judgment. (2018) 2' 12"

Near the video, one of the 5 elements of the artwork "Spiegare il mare", a large sheet (200 x 135 cm) in transparent polyethylene painted. An organic trace seems left on the surface, memory of a real contact with the sea, origin of life. Reason can not explain what we know only through direct experience. Intuition became language.

Spool Contemporary Art Space, Johnson City, NY - October 19-20, 2018

AccaAtelier, editions 2017-2018 - Open Studio

My studio can always be visited by appointment. During AccaAtelier, artist's studies opened to the public, I hosted Carla Bertola and Alberto Vitacchio, international artists of visual and sound poetry, historical performers, as well as the 2017 edition.

SEA(S)ARTS International 2018, in Metaxata, Greece

Ars Ventis, San Vittore del Lazio (RO)
July 20-22, 2018

«Gone With The Wind», 11.4 x 19.6 cm, marker on recycled paper

HEREalcubo, Cavallerizza Reale, Turin
May 18-27, 2018

This exhibition presents a floor installation inspired by the shape of a playful and tidy Quantum Microchip, mirror of our increasingly fluid, immaterial, virtual reality. Visitors are invited to go over the drawing, step on this shared, participated space to give it meaning.

A suspended dimension that inevitably redefines the same human nature: Genome (17x2) reminds us of this with the typical helical structure of DNA, the same strong>Cosimo's Ladder, where genome extended from floor to ceiling. Cosimo, the main character of the "Barone Rampante", when he was still a boy decides to climb trees and no longer set foot on the ground, forever. This rummy choice of separation from society allows him, in fact, it allows a profound point of view on everything and a chance of action otherwise impossible.

Complete the exibition Fourteen Happiness Garden paintings where flows of vital energy in progress became shapes, flowers, emotions, different people. Four faces Hybrid.gen with an artificial, synthetic appearance have the same features differentiated by specific physiognomic characters.
There are also three Tea Rupa Boxes, made by real tea, chamomile, infusions boxes which allude to the intimate dimension of existence.

Pensavamo fossero quadri
Martinarte (Turin)
2-23 March, 2018

some «Rupa Boxes» (2017-2018)

HERE and Communitas 2017, Cavallerizza Reale (Turin)
May 19-28, October 27-29, 2017

Speziaexpò (La Spezia)

«Alluvione» (Flood), 51 x 72 cm, collage on paper, 2001

100 Thousand Poets for Change
The Room (Turin), 24 September 2016


Chashama - space 266 West 37th street, NYC
September 8-17, 2016

«Cosimo's Ladder», about 150x40 cm, rope and wool

Chanorth - Chashama Resideny
Pine Plains (New York), July, 4-29, 2016

Serraglio metropolitano
Galleria Clandestina, Turin, March 2 - April 16, 2016

namVisualArt - Obliterazioni (2014-2015)
artwork / project by Gian Luigi Braggio
on-line and real exhibitions, in many places in Turin together with artists and creatives

Oikos, mostra d'Arte ecointegralista
curated by Jizaino
Villa Spinola Narisano, Genova, November 21 - December 13, 2014

«Smoking Factory in Burning Heart» (Memories of Fire), 2012, 6′34″

Beato Giuseppe Girotti. Una storia: dalle Langhe a Dachau
curated by G. Massara e A. Mistrangelo
Chiostro di San Domenico, Turin, September 26 - October 12, 2014

«Module Barbed Wire», cardboard, glue, synthetic glass, adhesive tape, 2011

100 Thousand Poets for Change (2014)
Castello della Rovere, Vinovo (Turin)


Biblioteca Civica Natalia Ginzburg, TurinSeptember 1-20, 2014

artists Carla Bertola and Alberto Vitacchio drawing on Fairy Tales book

Esperimenti di Arte e Nonviolenza
Centro Studi Sereno Regis, Turin, April 11-23, 2014

«Weapons of Bread», flour, water, salt, baking powder, wood, nails, fabric, adhesive tape, 2011

Waple Art Exhibition
Wallpaper, Turin, December 19, 2013 - Jenuary 6, 2014

«Nam.FlyingNotes», pvc, metal, paper, 2013

Portas Abertas
Forum Eugenio de Almeidas, Evora (Portugal)

photography, digital processing, 2013

Fiaba, una realtà immaginata
Circolo degli Artisti e Certosa Reale di Collegno (Turin)
June 15-24 and September 21 - October 11, 2013


Spazio Liberato Ex Breda, Pistoia, June 2-9, 2013

installation, adhesive tape, flour, water, salt, yeast

Alchimie musicali
by Associazione Paradigma
Museo Città di Collegno (Turin), November 16-30, 2012

«Zafferano», charcoal, saffron on paper, 65x38 cm, 2010

Ambientarte III
curated by di M. Nicotra e Sasha
Pinacoteca Comunale di Gaeta, April 20 - May 4, 2012

«Spiegare il mare», transparent polyethylene, glass colour, 2012

Premio PAV 2011, Parco Arte Vivente, Turin
July 2- September 4, 2011

Soffio del cielo
Centro Tian QI, Milano, October 7-16, 2011

«Modulo Grafite», 42x20x20 cm, 2011

Per ricordare l’8 settembre
Ecomuseo della Resistenza, Colle del Lys (Turin), september-October, 2011

«Weapons of Bread» installation, 2011

Ignis (2011)
curated by Daniela Madonna
Scuderie di Palazzo Aragona, Vasto (CH)June 16-July 17, 2011

drawings, photographs, sculptures

Videoart Festival Miden 2011
curated by Gioula Papadopoulou, Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos
Kalamata (Greece), July 7-9, 2011

«Water Source», video 2'33", 2009

Passaggi di confine
bipersonal exhibition curated by Paolo Aghemo
Cottini Gallery, Turin, March 11-24, 2011

installations, sculptures, drawings

Palazzo Bertalazone, December 10, 2010 and Castello di Rivalta, May 4-14, 2011

graphite, charcoal pencil, pyrograph on canvas, 20x20 cm, 2010

Vista su E14, creative residences of territorial activation
Reiss Arti Performative, Turin, September 8-18 (residence), 19 performances, 2010

residence, installation, performance

Work to work
curated by Marco Filippa and Elena Privitera
En Plein Gallery, Pinerolo (Turin), September 4 - December 31, 2010

«Factory», video 2'53", 2010

Arte Video Roma Festival 2010
oltre l'apparenza (beyond appearance), by Le Momo Electronique

Casa dei Popoli - A.I.A.S.P (Rome), June 25-27, 2010

«De Rerum Natura», 7'25", 2008

Diritto al cuore (straight to the heart)
processing of mourning paths between art and life
cured by IAAP Piemonte - Arte e Psicologia
Circolo Eridano (Turin), April 19, 2010

«Sospesi», video made with Tomaso Erasmo Brucato, 7'50", 2010

Spazio vitale: solo exhibition
Stranamore, Pinerolo (Turin), May 29 - June 14, 2009

installations, video, drawings

34 artisti per Emergency
Circolo degli Artisti, Turin, December 8-13, 2009

exhibited and auctioned two works (sold)

Dáimon 3
curated by Associazione Paradigma
Old prison Le Nuove, Turin, September 24 - October 10, 2009

«Warp gate», video installation, pvc, fabric, iron, acrylic colors

FormInside-in site
curated by Sandro Baroni
Colore Amico, Villar Dora (Turin), October 3, 2009 - jenuary 5, 2010

«Brahma», installation, cartboard, glue, pvc, paper, wood, spices, colored sands

Emozioni a confronto
Centro Espositivo della Manifattura Cuorgnè (Turin), April 4-5, 2009

«Pi Greco Modulare», cardboard, glue, synthetic glass, adhesive tape

On art
curated by Antonio Zappia
Villa Chiosso, Leini (Turin), October 3-10, 2008

video installation

Codice (code): solo exhibition
curated by Davide Mabellini
Circolo degli Artisti, Palazzo Graneri della Roccia, Turin, October 15-19, 2008

installations, many sculptures, video

Free camping art
curated by Paradigma
Cascina Govean, Alpignano (Turin), September 25-27, 2008

«Spazio Vitale», installation, pvc, glass color, lights

Stile Libero
Old church in Settimo Torinese (Turin), May 28 - June 2, 2008

collage and installations

Installazioni: solo exhibition
Caffè Chinese, Turin, March 24 - April 9, 2008

installations, sculpture, digital drawings

Dáimon 2
cured by Paradigma
Museo Città di Collegno (Turin), November 23 - December 14, 2007

«Panta Rei» (installation) cardboard, wood, paper, digital print

Alètheia: solo exhibition
Circolo Pueblo, Turin, Jenuary 12-31, 2007

collages from Alètheia serie

together with the Ritmika festival
Limone Fonderie Teatrali, Moncalieri (Turin), June 14-16

«Soffio Rosso», cartboard, glue, 2007

II Biennale GenovArte & Saturarte
Palazzo Stella (Genova), June 16 – July 04 and December 3-21, 2007

«Tzunami», collage on paper, 70 x 100 cm, 2005

Premio Addamiano
Libera Accademia di pittura Vittorio Vivarini, June 17-28, 2007

«Modulo», 50x25x12,5 cm, cartboard, glue, syntetic glass, scotch tape, 2006

Abitare il confine
curated by Domenico Papa
Fortezza di Fenestrelle (Turin), November 4–30, 2006

installation, cartboard, glue, syntetic glass, scotch tape, digital print

Premio Novara
Salone Arengo del Broletto (Novara), September 23 - October 8, 2006

«Tre moduli», 75x25x12,5 cm, cartboard, glue, syntetic glass, scotch tape, 2006

curated by Davide Mabellini
White Gallery, Collegno (Turin), September 21 - November 5, 2006

digital photograph

Biennale dei Giovani Artisti
Circolo Parasio, Palazzo Guarnieri (Imperia), September 1-3, 2006

«Struttura sensibile», cartboard, glue

Forma sensibile
curated by Domenico Papa
(Machè in Turin) (Galleria Metrò in Caserta), June 6-18 and July


Aperitivo d'artista
Machè club, Turin, March 11-25 2005

many collages from Alètheia serie

Paradigma collective exhibition Turin, 27 via Arsenale, December 1-3, 2015

Prospettiva Neo
curated by Paradigma
Museo Città di Collegno (Turin), November 10-20, 2015

«Mae Hong Son», 3 digital print 50x32 cm, ink-jet on light paper, 2005

Artists for non-violence
Foro Boario (Lucca), June 11, 2005

many collages from Alètheia serie

Human Organic Thirst (2004) & Humus (2003)
curated by Elisabetta Dellavalle
Cultural Space S. Chiara (Vercelli), March 21 - April 13, 2003 ; March 13 - May 7, 2004