Happiness Garden

“Happiness Garden” is the title of a cycle of paintings in which I recreate the alchemy of a soul garden, hanging between the physicality of experience and the fiction of the real world. Creativity is the energy of life that springs from the original connection with the void, that becomes form and appearance. Beyond thought, art overcomes form to make sounds, looks, shadows, gestures, actions, smiles, breaths. Sign.

In a vague space that reminds the virtual architecture of microchips, flows of light energy are scrambling and become organic, biomorphic forms, plants, flowers, sometimes human figures: endless possibilities of ephemeral beauty. Life is a concrete experience of forms, aromas, flavors, emotions, meetings, affections and memories.

Free from the weight of the sky, light as the wind that blows, the painting becomes a source of peace, joy, and happiness.

Ā«Lotus Happiness GardenĀ», acrilico su tela, 330 x 200 cm - 2017

Lotus Happiness Garden

HERE 2017, Cavallerizza Reale, Torino