Happiness Garden

Happiness Garden is a sort of soul garden suspended between the physicality of experience and the fiction of a possible world, where, in a space that at times recalls the virtual architecture of a microchip, flows of light energy become organic forms, plants, figures in an endless alchemy of temporary beauty.

Everything is transformation.

Life consists of emotions, flavors, aromas, beauty, sensuality, ideas, values… most people believe that happiness is something to achieve, connected with fulfilling wishes, but it is already in us right now. Here and now!

If we free ourselves from the illusion of being separate entities in competition with each other, then we’ll discover peace, we’ll find our true nature and a deeper meaning of life.

Ā«Lotus Happiness GardenĀ», acrilico su tela, 330 x 200 cm - 2017

Lotus Happiness Garden

HERE 2017, Cavallerizza Reale, Torino