This exhibition presents a floor installation inspired by the shape of a playful and tidy Quantum Microchip, mirror of our increasingly fluid, immaterial, virtual reality. Visitors are invited to go over the drawing, step on this shared, participated space to give it meaning.

Here al cubo
A suspended dimension that inevitably redefines the same human nature: Genome (17×2) reminds us of this with the typical helical structure of DNA.

Fourteen Happiness Garden paintings present different formal alchemies, flows of vital energy in progress: you can recognize architectures of circuits, plant and biomorphic elements, sometimes figures. Life is beauty, forms, aromas, perfumes, emotions, encounters, affections, memories. Made on poor paper, the raw effect of the material is combined with the refined result of transparent colors, with delicate combinations.

Four faces Hybrid.gen with an artificial, synthetic appearance have the same features differentiated by specific physiognomic characters.

There are also three Tea Rupa Boxes, from a cycle of small sculptures made with tea boxes, chamomile, infusions transformed into micro-environments to be inhabited with imagination, sound boxes non-performative which resonate the infinite modulation of being. In ancient Indian languages, pali and Sanskrit, Rupa indicates what takes physical body, becomes an existing form.

On the opposite side of the room, the ethical, vertical rise of Cosimo’s Ladder, where the helical structure of the genome extended from floor to ceiling. Cosimo, the main character of the “Barone Rampante”, when he was still a boy decides to climb trees and no longer set foot on the ground, forever. This rummy choice of separation from society allows him, in fact, it allows a profound point of view on everything and a chance of action otherwise impossible.

Quantum Microchip: installation, colored cardboard, adhesive tape, 350 x 250 cm

Genome (17×2): two elements 10 x 15 x 140 cm (each one), wood, iron, polyester cord

Happiness Garden: 14 paintings, acrylic colors on paper, 70 x 100 cm

Hybrid.gen: 4 paintings, acrylic colors on canvas board, 24 x 30 cm

Tea Rupa Boxes: cardboard, glue, wool and polyester threads, acrylic colors (25x12x11) (22x20x7) (18x17x11) cm

Cosimo’s Ladder: polyester, iron cord, approx. 40 x 40 x 280 cm