In Sanskrit Rupa means “form”, material appearance of spiritual self on the plane of existence. In this series, some poor cardboard cases are transformed into micro-environments to be lived by imagination, non-performing sound instruments turned into something unique, irreplaceable, therefore precious through creativity, the real generating force of the Universe. A little serie is starting from boxes of tea, herbal teas, chamomiles chosen for the deep meaning that these drinks have in oriental culture, connected with Zen.

In «Genome»a structure similar the barbed wire doubles and becomes a DNA.

Molded with flour, some small Burners appeares as archaic, primary forms, suitable for use during primitive and hypothetical rituals of fire. Some of them, made of cardboard, reflect on the role of art in relation to the absolute.

«Mechanical device» («Congegno meccanico») is a machine capable of traction inspired by a drive shaft, refers to the link between Turin and the automotive industry. The same for the motorcycle «Muffler». «Gear» («Ingranaggio») reminds Brunelleschi, the constructive vocation of art. “Modern Icarus” was made using the technique of origami, keeping two distinct parts: symbol of courage and aspiration for knowledge, he must be aware of pride that can quickly destroy what it has just created.

Water generator, «Hydrogène» draws the simplest of all the natural elements, the atom that gives rise to the water molecule, primary source of life.

«Ego» looks like a hollow shape, an empty mask, a feeling of waiting for something. Traditionally «Saddlebag» is part of the kit of shepherd, farmer, pilgrim, monk. It alludes to the human condition, transhumance, because everyone is a migrant in a spiritual sense, if not in the physical one.

«Red Breathe» is a metaphor of the human condition: light, airy and apparently unstable like a blow. In «Shoots» there are some real rose branches. Fiction of thorns in «Rosae», instead.

When I made the first Module, a half cube made of synthetic glass containing about five meters of cardboard barbed wire, I wanted to pretend ironically, by poor material, the presence of a bourgeois precious object. “Binomial” (“Binomio”) instead is a modular composition made by two vertical sequences, which reminds a binary code. Inside each modul there is barbed wire. In other «modules» the filament is performed with half thorns or knots. But «Modulo Grafite» is empty, the transparency of the scratched surface is opaque by a constant graphite veiling.

Border is a simple job, a barbed wire mainly made in cardboard, patiently. It seems a light and harmless texture, the result of natural germination rather than a human artefact. The same concept can also be found in other artworks.