Gian Luigi Braggio explores the boundary between consciousness and reality, he considers art as instrument of spiritual and human growth and civil engagement.

This is cosmosInterested in Eastern philosophies and quantum physics, he cultivates the spiritual of art connected to the Zen practice: through creative thinking, an individual becomes a person in harmony with the world and people, overcoming the resistance derived from simplified models of relationship and thought.

The focus shifts from the object to the person, the aesthetic model gives way to discovery the beauty of the whole creation because everything is unique, unrepeatable, out as inside us. An education of the gaze aimed at experiencing solutions where clarity of form turns this life energy in an emotional state, purified by the inner discipline and language.

In painting he recreates the alchemy of a soul garden suspended between the physicality of experience and the fiction of a virtual worlds, where, in a unreal space that recalls the virtual architecture of a microchip, flows of light energy become organic forms, plants, flowers, emotions, figures.

In “Rupa Boxes” series, some poor cardboard cases are transformed into micro-environments to be lived by imagination, non-performing sound instruments turned into something unique, irreplaceable, therefore precious through universal laws of harmony.

Aware of a common doom that belongs to us, bread sculptures, in particular weapons simulation (weapons of bread) with the rainbow colours, express how the evolution of civil society in the wake of true nonviolent culture, cable of welcoming diversity, is tricky but necessary.

In floor installations (Q.Area), drawings recall the shapes/sounds created by cymatics, microchips, universal law and symmetrical order of geometry.

In visual poetry works, drawings dialogues with words, memory of an experience of the world which, only through meditation, can be understood beyond rational concept. Breath control, essential in Zen practice, becomes a performative trace in the sense of being and not of the spectacular appearance, a disciplined and direct access key to transcendent dimension accessible neither to the senses nor to the thought and rational structures of language.

He is also author of texts, photographs, videos and performances, he has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions, publications, festivals. He’s worked in cultural Centers and organize events both on the territory and on the web. He teaches art to children in public schools. In this way, art becomes an instrument of peace education, integration, cooperative and experimental teaching approaches.

Every system of communication, like a living organism, regulates its internal dynamics, its processes using a code, a specific and universal language.

it is like both in the case of genetic code of a cell formed by the elemental bonds of four amino acids, and alphabets of any verbal or non-verbal language or, also, the more modern and complex logic of machine language that starts from the binary system. In any case there is always an basic principle on which depends a system of values, even very complex. My research starts from this minimal reduction of the form to its primary components. The minimal gesture par excellence consists in regular weaving of long filaments composed of a large number of units, knotted or intertwined, with a characteristic double valence.

I was looking for a symbol capable of interpreting people and society, capable of combining ethics and aesthetics regardless of subjects dependent on the debate of political ideas. So, using simple cardboard, I initially chose to create long structures imitating a barbed wire, one of the simplest and at the same time terrifying modern technological inventions. The result was a light and harmless texture, which after the first impact seems to be the result of natural germination rather than a human work. Balance of light variations, rhythmic and hypnotic weaving create a light fiction, filaments seem to indicate an encrypted code, perhaps the genetic code of human nature.

Zen practice leads to a profound understanding of life that inspires freedom, joy and purity. I identify this great value in creativity, the true source of everything that exists inside and outside us. If disciplined in an appropriate way, art can bring intuition beyond concepts to communicate the direct experience of harmony and joy that nourishes life, starting with the artist who produces it and becomes the first to get away with it. Crativity is a flame that feeds itself burning, radiating, awakening many minds tamed, narcotized by the consensus society. Culture, not entertainment. Song of love.

I communicate what I am. Through a complex language which appear simple like a breathe, lyrical and poetic, inspired by intuition and modulated by creativity, artworks come to life and generate a spark, the only possibility of profoundly understanding the human condition and the world, sometimes even painful, and generating empathy for every form of life.