Sunya Quantum Space

We live in an increasingly fluid, immaterial, virtual world. Inspired by the shape of an electrical circuit, a microchip, the installation is made with special colored fluorescent adhesive tapes. Starting from the main center, from the floor the pattern goes on the walls, on the ceiling, ending up wrapping the whole room, just illuminated by a lamp UV black light. At the entrance to the visitor is offered a UV LED torch so that they become the protagonists of exploration. In this way, he experiences the original connection with the void, in Sanskrit SUNYA, the true matrix of the universe, the life energy that becomes shape and appearance. Another light, sounds, voices attract attention: a small screen shows short previews of videos taken at random from the web, a mirror of the daily life that traps us but also invites to overcome the existential non-sense of an illusory reality that we insist on believing to be true.

Paratissima – Think BIG! (2019)