Video Art

Amida (Memories of Fire)

Amida continues the video series entitled “Memories of Fire”. In the Japanese tradition Amida is a compassionate Buddha, bearer of light and happiness, who leads us beyond the ocean of sorrows, pains of life and attachment to it. Inspired by the drama of migrants, a ship approaches a boat, almost stops and then continues the sea lane. Our gaze constantly tries to focus on the scene, and bring it to the level of consciousness. At regular intervals a bell recalls the present moment. A light flame is the background of the whole frame. At the end of the scene the image is set on fire, consumes this fragment of reality full of dreams, suffering and humanity. There is no judgment. (2018) 2′ 12″

Breathe the Moon

Eyes focused on the moon, a short sequence where image and sound blend trying to become a contact point, a conscious presence, cosmic fusion with the universe. (2016) 1′ 52″

Fluid Appearance

This is my only hard, disturbing work! Three characters, two female and one male, tell through their faces three different stories that interlace. The silent dialogue is enhanced by a heavy asymmetrical makeup applying by the players and a young makeup artist as a handmaid. The two halves are complementary and remaind the yin and yang. A mask is reductive but necessary both to communicate with others and yourself, including the deep aspects of an identity that is constantly reshaped. The narrative is neither logical nor descriptive, it follows the rhythm of the inner consciousness without straight development. Modulation of opposites is expressed in delicate game of seduction. (2016) 5′ 22″

Smoking Factory in Burning Heart (Memories of Fire)

The sight of a factory with smoking chimneys is suspended between dream and reality, remains in the eye and slowly changes its appearance: it seems like a game, an inner vision. Suddenly it is enveloped by flames, it becomes almost real, concrete, but then starts to burn revealing its nature of simple image, draws the shape of a heart, until it disappears altogether. (2012) 6′ 34″

nam 207v

A burner molded in bread dough is in action, reveals the magic mistery of fire. On background a building and lights of the city. There is no human presence. (2010) 0′ 40″

Factory (Memories of Fire)

This video is inspired by the work of the ligurian painter Cecilia Ravera Oneto, in particular by her series of landscapes with industrial theme. In an unreal space with an indefinite horizon, the ground releases thin, evanescent flames. Suddenly appears the image of a factory, diaphanous, scraps of memory soon swallowed by the fire and turned to ashes. (2010) 2′ 53″

Through my Hands

Some video sequences are projected onto the palms of the hands. Shooting crowds, images of memories, small pills of distant lives that seem to belong to us. Life flows on the surface of the skin, it slips through the fingers, it crosses us for the time of our short existence. This is because every life seems only interdependent, it should not be considered only in itself, but combined with the concatenation of the events that determine it. (2010) 3′ 08″

Seventy Holes

The hole can be considered the symbol of openness to the unknown, it relates the interior to the outside, it is a “filter”, the device on which to build language, which is essential to organize our perception of the world in the complexity of knowledge. Always multiples of seven allude to totality, not only in the Christian West. In this case, the screen seems able to contain seventy of these holes. However, our gaze is not able to contain them: a continuous oscillation is given by the rhythmic beating of the heart, on which our knowledge and our whole being depend. On the end there seems to appear an image that immediately disappears and turns into light. (2010) 0′ 56″

Roast Chichen

A roasting spit which roasts “its chickens”. the fat drips abundantly, the mechanical movement of the device always repeats the same litany. The radiated heat seems to go beyond the glass container. (2010) 0′ 42″

Sospesi (Suspension)

This video was made together with the videomaker Tomaso Brucato on the theme of mourning. The words, dramatically intense and touching, are taken from real stories of people touched by this suffering. Bodies are crossed by memorys, remain hung between instability of human condition and an ultimate sense that slips from us. This work was presented during the activities of the International Association for Art and Psychology “Arte e Psicologia – Sezione Piemontese”. Texts: Marcello Pedretti (psychotherapist) Bodies and voices: Cristina Cassese, Francesca Cinalli, Paolo De Santis (2010) 7′ 40″

Marina (Seashore)

In this seashore primordial elements are shuffled, reddish water and sand indicate the subjectivity of our vision. Nothing happens except for the passage of a few seagulls. (2010) 2′ 52″

Warp Gate

This video was created together with an installation at the former prison “Le Nuove” in Turin (2009). Warp gate is a door, an archetype of the crossing between two worlds, a dimensional tunnel, a contraction of space-time: from one place to another of the cosmos placed, at the same time, inside and outside of us.
Inside how out of prison, our existence gets consumed in the ritual repetition of simple gestures, aware or alienating actions that mark the time of everyday life. Their multiplication, the patient weaving that results from them, day by day, build a set of coordinates and values that become for each of us the gateway to the invisible. Inside as outside of prison, our existence gets consumed in the ritual repetition of simple gestures, actions that mark the time of every everyday life. (2010) 8′ 20″

Water Source

The peaceful flow of water between the rocks of a mountain spring is shot from different angles. Impressions pass through a filter, the language. Now technology has multiplied our ability to observe the world. The uniqueness of metaphysical thought is dissolved, the truth can be only caught in the plurality of representations. As if by magic, the white sound of water through digital filters gives rise to a melody. (2009) 2′ 33″


Where the search for meaning does not find inner references, it is projected to the outside, trying to give it an understandable form. An almost invisible system of coordinates seems to frame the sun in the spatial context, a strip of light moves clockwise and marks the regular passage of time. Like a radar, it reveals the visionary mystery of its beauty. (2007) 1′ 18″

De Rerum Natura

Inspired by the four natural elements (Air, Water, Earth and Fire), the video is composed of the succession of six episodes in which the scenes, generated electronically, simulate the natural world or the reverse process. This synthesis, clearly visible, contributing to the transfiguration of reality that invites us to look deeper, beyond the evidence. A simple and hypnotic music was played by digital synthesizers.
Prologo. Un gorgo alla rovescia, un moto centrifugo dal quale scaturiscono immagini dell’11th settembre, documentarie ma anche ricche di retorica del dolore e della commozione.
Prologue. An upside-down whirlpool, a centrifugal motion from which some images of September 11th spring documentary, but also full of pain and emotion.
Ruah. It is the spirit, the vital breath that makes us participate in the wonder that has always existed.
Chan. A long waterfall is observed starting from the top, the framing falls in a single sequence.In Buddhism, the waterfall, ch’an, designates the impermanence opposite to persistence because, the form remains the same, but constantly changes the substance.
Virtual machine. As in a video game, a car futuristic car crosses an unreal desert.
Brahma. In the Gita we read “Brahma is identical to fire”. Supreme Principle of the Cosmos, it lives in everyone’s heart.
Epilogue. it is a journey on the edge of the universe. Stars and galaxies dance, a red planet, whose surface seems drawn by a barbed wire, is overflown in the direction of the deep space. (2007) 7′ 25″

Oltremare (Ultramarine)

This video was artificially created by simulating waves of the sea and minimal atmospheric movements of the sky, starting from simple color stains. It becomes a metaphor of that transfiguration of reality made by art that invites us to take our gaze beyond the evidence. Inspired by a poem, video and music blend with each other, witness of a single experience expressed in different ways. (2006) 5′ 55″