visual & poetry

Every artwork always comes from an intuition, it exceeds the complex language of shapes.

Sometimes drawings dialogues with words, memory of an experience of the world which, only through meditation, can be understood beyond rational concept.

Breath control, essential in Zen practice, becomes a performative trace in the sense of being and not of the spectacular appearance, a disciplined and direct access key to transcendent dimension accessible neither to the senses nor to the thought and rational structures of language.

“Offerta Speciale” visual poetry magazine, #62 – 2018

Tea 200 Envelopes, 20 original pieces out of 200

«Busta sorpresa»: Tea 60 Bags-Envelopes, 10 original pieces out of 60

“Offerta Speciale” visual poetry magazine, #60 – 2017

«bhas ya» (2016) special number of the visual poetry magazine “Offerta Speciale”

“Otoliths, a magazine of many e-things”

issue thirty-five, southern spring, 2014 «Three seeds from Alètheia»
issue thirty-six, southern summer, 2015 «Eclipse»
issue thirty-seven, southern autumn, 2015 «(fe)male>»
issue thirty-nine, southern spring, 2015 «Fleisch.ges»
issue forty-one, southern autumn, 2016 «Barbed Wire»
issue forty-two, southern winter, 2016 «Living Spirit»



Mae Hong Son

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