Weapons of Bread

Weapons simulation (weapons of bread) with the rainbow colours, express how the evolution of civil society in the wake of true nonviolent culture, cable of welcoming diversity, is complicated but necessary.

This series has begun from an installation designed for the Ecomuseum of Resistance “Colle del Lis”, after also exhibited at the CSSR, the Turin Center for Peace Studies. If ideals, however noble, are subject to a continuous and cyclical revision and nothing can face a crisis of values that seems always relevant, the partisan struggle is historical, it is ideal embodied by brave men and women, especially boys, who did not fear the sacrifice. Their memory questions us, builds, together with them, our identity, what we are and also what we will be in the future. Their example can not leave us indifferent. Eight guns are modeled in bread dough, along with the relative boxes of ammunition, arranged neatly next to the box that held them, perhaps hidden, over the fabrics that kept them wrapped.