Dream (Sogno) | acrylic painting on paper | cm 100x70 | 2020

Most of these paintings are made in recent years, and belong to the series called “Happiness Garden”.

Happiness Garden is a soul garden suspended between the physicality of experience and the fiction of an imaginary world. In a space that recalls the virtual architecture of a microchip, a printed circuit board, flows of light energy become organic forms, flowers, animals, sometimes human figures inspired by the historical-artistic tradition or with references to everyday life.

Emotions, flavors, aromas, sensuality, concordances are modulated in a potentially infinite variety that makes us feel close, and invites to discover the deep meaning of life.

Many of these paintings are made on poor paper, to emphasize spontaneity and simplicity, but sometimes also on masonite and canvas.

I have painted other works with the printed circuit pattern, on cork or other surfaces.

Selfie | acrylic painting on 6 cork panels | cm 100x150 | 2020
Selfie | acrylic paint on 6 cork panels | cm 100×150 | 2020